Ashish Deb

Senior IT project/ program management consultant

Ashish Deb

Ashish Deb

Ashish Deb was born in Delhi, India. His parents are originally from Calcutta, West Bengal, they moved to Delhi at a very young age and settled in Delhi. Ashish grew up in an environment when personal computers were at a very early stage and people saw it as a next engineering marvel that will change people’s life for the next few generations. Ashish started looking at courses and programs where he could learn computing skills and he also enrolled in a degree program with Electronics and Telecom Engineering.

Thrive Global Interview

I chose the IT industry because it enables & empower people with the ability to do their job better. The tools and technologies that we develop for our clients and customers helps them improve their business process, make their investments in IT infrastructure more secure, reliable and scalable thus helping them in enhancing their customer experience.

Things TO Remember when creating your visual office

As working remotely has become a necessity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are scrambling to set up virtual offices for their employees.

How Working At Home Has Been Changed COVID-19

The workplace will never be the same. Of course, working from home existed pre-COVID-19. However, it was never a necessity and it was never indefinite — until now.

Ashish Deb Supports the Toronto City Mission and the Toronto-Calcutta Foundation

The Toronto-Calcutta Foundation, which began operations in 1988, strives to help those in poverty and in need in Calcutta.